Friday, September 30, 2011

Road Trip Stop 3- Memphis Zoo

We did a quick (non shooting) drive-by of Memphis on our way from Little Rock to Nashville. We spent our Memphis morning at the zoo where the kids got up close and personal with fence....

After fence.....

...after fence :)

Don't you love how pictures can make it look like everyone was in a good mood the whole time? Yeah, we had some moody kids that day, but luckily they still had some sweet and happy moments.

Polar bear!

Lizzie was a fan of the Sea Lion show and as usual was VERY vocal about it!


This lovely Micah expression was Howler Monkey induced... I can't blame him, they're pretty stinking cool.

Lizzie wasn't all that into the Popsicle, but the stick was a different matter.

Next stop, Nashville!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road Trip Stop 2- Little Rock, AR

We went from Kansas to Little Rock to spend the weekend there. I was amazed at how pretty Northwest Arkansas was as we drove through it, and Little Rock itself was also a very pretty city. Lizzie has been working on saying "Cheese!!" when she sees a camera and it is still pretty, well.... cheesy :)

Micah was pretending to sleep on the hotel floor but Lizzie was ready to go to the park, and decided to wake her Bubba up her way. "Wake up....."

"Wake up!!"

"WAKE UP!!!!"

We were staying downtown, so we walked to this great park right along the river.

Micah did some experiments involving static electricity~

It took awhile, but the kids warmed up to the idea of the splash pad fountain~

My girl is my daredevil..... go figure.

Lizzie at the window became a fixture of the trip, I just wish I pictures of the 3,000 other times this happened.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Road Trip Stop 1- Galena, KS

Our first stop on our road trip was at Nate's parent's house in Galena. We got to spend a week there and after the kids adjusted, they had a great time! Lizzie has become a bit of a ham in front of the camera lately~

Micah again found a good buddy in his pseudo cousin Maddux~

We were so happy when Lizzie relaxed enough to give cuddles to her Kansas grands~

This chick is always on top of some piece of furniture or play equipment~

Micah loved his Grandma and PawPaw and talked about them a lot after we left~

"Paw Paw, where did all your hair go?!"

The cats were also a big hit with the kiddos.

The munchkins also got in good quality time with their Gigi Lois~

Playtime with Daddy and Grandma is always in fashion...

Believe it or not, this is a happy face :) She was yelling "CAR" in a perfect Boston accent as they passed by on a nearby road..

Also not unhappy... just waiting for more cars!


A rare picture proving I was, in fact, on the trip.

We had a great time with family! Stop #2.... Little Rock!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Learned On Our Trip

~ Alabama has entirely too many different license plate designs

~ The Nashville area is GORGEOUS! I had no idea how great the land/scenery was in that area.

~ Braves fans have unrealistic expectations for what their team should accomplish in the first inning alone. Oh, and they are overly proud of their merchandise.

~ Despite the veiled drug reference, The Mellow Mushroom in Rome, Ga serves some pretty stinkin awesome pizza.

~ The main highway through Chattanooga has a 45 mph speed limit.... for miles and miles and miles.... and it's a 4 lane (each way) elevated highway! Craziness.

~ Micah and Lizzie get along pretty well when they think we aren't there... or when they think we are asleep.

~ Micah thinks his Aunt Rayanna's name is GiGi ;-)

~ Tornadoes are no joke. Seeing the devastation in Joplin first hand was nuts.

~ People from Georgia are eerily similar to Texans when it comes time to party.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Road Trip Craziness

Over the past two weeks that's what we've been doing... driving... ALOT. In 2 weeks we crossed through TEN STATES. Yikes. Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas-Missouri-Arkansas-Tennessee-Georgia-Alabama-Mississippi-Louisiana.. phew! We went to visit Nate's family in Kansas for the first week of our trip and then slowly made our way to Georgia for my cousin's wedding. Pictures, details, funny anecdotes and hair-pulling moments to follow :)


Monday, September 12, 2011


Yup, I officially cannot see my toes anymore. Probably a good thing as I can no longer reach to paint them either... Ignorance is bliss :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It has to be a sign.

No, literally a sign. We were driving back from Nate's parent's house through Missouri and came across a town with a familiar name.

The sign following the city limit sign made our jaws drop. We had been joking about Jane coming on Christmas (37 weeks along) and now I'm thinking God might be trying to tell me something :)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

If you can't get them out of your shot...

Just go ahead and take their picture :)


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Our Reveal

This is how we gave our family the gender reveal fortune cookies....

Cute, right?!