Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Months Old!

That's right....that little bundle of preciousness is 3 months old today.

She can't even believe it herself :) Hmmm, what to say about our little Janie Bear... she is truly an absolute joy. She is smiley and sweet and fairly low maintenance. Ever since Wednesday of last week she has been sleeping from midnight until 8 am or so every day, which makes a world of difference for us, of course! Jane hates tummy time but loves to snuggle. She is finally warming up to her swing and takes at least one nap a day in it. She is a little Houdini and in the morning we find her with her bottom half completely out of her swaddle blanket and sometimes she has freed her arms as well... if we don't put her in a one-piece sleeper, then she wiggles out of her pants as well :)

Jane has reconsidered her stance on bows and left this one in for our pictures~

Jane is getting more control over her movements and has started grabbing (and pulling) my hair on a regular basis... I'm having Lizzie flashbacks. Nate was laying on the floor next to her the other day and she kept reaching out, grabbing his shirt, and pulling him to her. She is considering becoming a thumb-sucker, but she's on the fence about it right now.

Jane was so smiley for our three month shoot that I had a horrible time trying to narrow down which ones to post. So here are a few of the ones that made the cut~

This one's for you, Dad... she's ready to blow it up ;-)

Of course no matter how happy you are you can't just abandon your bread and butter, which for Jane is the look of skepticism~

Or maybe she just thinks Mommy is crazy....... she's probably right.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dentist Schmintist

I loaded up the kids on Monday, said a HUGE prayer and drove to the dentist. I had no idea what to expect as we sat in the waiting room. I was encouraged that they had a big screen tv with Monsters Inc showing and dozens of cushions for the kids to jump and flop on while watching. When they called us back to the exam room, here was the first section I saw~

They had each kid pick a "friend" and practice brushing their teeth. The hygienist had Micah bring Sammie the Snake over and let him polish Sammie's teeth, use the water and suction on him and everything. She wasn't even phased when she gave Micah control of the water and he flooded the poor snake's mouth.

She sang songs as she counted his teeth...

and polished and scraped them. And again later as she applied fluoride. Micah had a blast and cooperated happily with everything they asked him to do. He was a star! She decided x-rays might be too much for him on his first visit, but maybe next time :)

Lizzie brushed her friend's teeth as Micah had his cleaning~

She was freaked out when the dentist laid her down to count her teeth, but she was much more calm than she ever has been at the doctor and they were amazing with her :) The kids were actually sad to come home and I'm not sure I blame them!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just as everyone got in a good mood, the sun came out full force and turned us into squinty messes... oh well, you take what you get!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Can I let you in on a little secret? Ok, come closer...... closer.... it's Smarties :) Smarties can leave these kids~

Asking for more~

and can turn them into these kids~

Which are much more photogenic... wouldn't you say?

Smarties bring out the sweet side~

and the downright happy side~

Happy Spring Y'all!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet girl

Lizzie was in a fun mood awhile back so I snapped a few pictures :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rodeo Houston

We love the rodeo in our family. No really, we LOVE it. So much so that we have never missed a year since we got here (including when Lizzie was just a month old :). Every single one of my kids has been carried around the rodeo in a baby carrier and every one of them has nursed on the second floor of the exhibition center. As could be expected, Jane wasn't really aware of her surroundings but she was more than happy to be carried around all day!

Lizzie was adorable all day~

We are raising our kids right, with an appreciation for mutton bustin'~

Micah really got into the Mutton Bustin' and was jumping around and cheering loudly for each rider. Lizzie also got into the excitement that naturally comes when you strap a kindergartner to a large sheep :) The kiddos also liked this remote control truck race track~

Fun on the Farm! The kiddos made friends with the chickens~

Micah planting and harvesting his pepper~

Um yeah, Lizzie made a major scene when she had to "sell" her egg at the Farmer's Market at the end of the exhibit....

The corn sandbox was new this year and at first Lizzie stayed on the outside of it picking up individual kernels and putting them back in the box. Once we finally convinced her to get in she had a great time and it was really tough to get her to come back out!

If we lived in the country, he'd be driving this thing for real by now ;-)

When do they stop making the "cheese" face? Oh well, it's still cute~

Lizzie was talking to the chicks... she really is the perfect height for this display~

Taking a very needed moment to rest~

Micah did this huge carnival playground all on his own (we weren't allowed in with him). It included a two story suspended bridge that would have scared me. He was freaked and it took awhile, but he did it and was so proud of himself!

Micah is a big fan of rides!

My mom found herself a new family with very different (and questionable) values~

Both of my kids are pretty brave... the height of this didn't freak them out!

Lizzie is loving round two of Mutton Bustin'~

Now THAT is some good form :)

This is for my dad... waiting for the Rodeo to start and munching on kettle corn~