Thursday, April 28, 2011

T-Shirt Superhero

Meet my latest sewing obsession~

Superhero capes made from men's t-shirts!! So easy, so cheap and so much fun for BOYS!! Don't you feel like finding sewing or crafting projects for boys is rare? Some craft bloggers have starting dedicating a month to boys projects (it was awhile ago) and that's when I saw these little beauties. This particular assortment was made for a friend for her daughter's dress up party... boy's dress up clothes are a bit difficult to come by :P

I couldn't resist making one for the birthday girl as well and I have to say, I sort of love it :)

I've made boy ones for Micah and my nephew, but I'll be whipping up another of these girly ones for my niece soon!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

Are you tired of my Easter pics yet? Well, I promise that this is the last round :)

See, quick and painless :)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Hunt

For a hunter with a keen eye, such as Micah, one egg hunt for the Easter season would never be sufficient. To only be able to utilize his skills once a year would be a travesty indeed. So blah blah blah, I did an egg hunt in our backyard :)

You know the only thing more difficult than getting decent pictures of a sprinting 2 yr old desperately following the smell of jelly beans? Trying to also get pictures of his sister before the hunt is over~

She definitely got the idea of the egg hunt and went to each egg in turn, picked it up, placed it in the basket and moved on to the next. And miracle of miracles, Micah didn't bother Lizzie's eggs, so they were still there to be collected!

She was very proud of herself...

Micah had no problem finding even the best hidden eggs. He located this peach colored one on our peach tree from across the yard... I could barely spot it!

Egg shakers..... both of 'em

Offering the fruits of her labor back to Pa.

Since she has been crawling for 9 MONTHS now, she can do it with pretty much anything in her hands...

You can't tell, but his basket is PACKED.... Luckily I have a trick up my sleeve, each egg only has 2 jelly beans in it. Maximum hunting enjoyment, minimum sugar and he's none the wiser.... yet :)

That girl loves her Pa!

The following pics demonstrate why I always take rapid fire pictures of the kids and delete the duds later. This one is hilarious, but perhaps not the traditionally admired picture~

Squinty McSquinterson~

Loving the introspective Liz~

Hamlet, part deux~

Lizzie- check, Micah.... drat

Did I mention that they were egg shakers?

It's shakin' eggs, and I helped!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! Well, good enough at least! Toddler photo success = both kids sorta facing the camera and not screaming.. smiles are a bonus!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Basket Cases

Micah didn't know that Easter is a holiday where you receive candy and presents, but he was THRILLED to find out :)

Lizzie was ok with it as well~

My kids are egg shakers.... pictures of the egg hunt will confirm this :)


Does it make me weird that this picture reminds me of Hamlet? Wait, don't answer that :P


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Micah's Easter Party

Micah's preschool Easter party was last week and he's still on a sugar high :)

Devon and Abby

It was fun to watch Micah hunt eggs, he was all business and ended up collecting a huge amount of eggs. It was pretty fun to watch him try to crawl through this tunnel with his basket while trying to collect the eggs inside :)

Abby might be the only person Micah would trust to put their hands in his basket :)

This is Micah saying "CHEESE!!!" Adorable, isn't it? :P

I love this one.... Micah was really into shaking those eggs!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New and Shiny

Notice anything new around the blog? I love it when I change this thing up, AND I made this header myself in less than 5 minutes with a 1 yr old climbing all over me and hitting keys randomly... Yeah that's right, I've got skillz ;-)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First 'Stros Game of the Year

My dad, brother and myself went to opening day at Minute Maid but that wasn't a picture taking kind of trip :) Two days later, we went back with the kiddos. We are all pumped about baseball season starting again....

Can you tell?

My big bro and my nephew came down for the game too!

We fought so hard to try to get the kids to both look at the camera at the same time. Nate asked, "Where's Mama?" and this is Micah gesturing to me like, "She's there... DUH!" Without looking, of course.

Lizzie decided to use this opportunity to live up to her "spider monkey" moniker.

She was all over the place.... which is 100% standard Lizzie now.

The pretzel was as big as his head... which is saying something ;-)

Lizzie is such a giving, sharing little girl... she'll even share her lunch... while she's chewing it

Same story, round two..

Thank you, balloon girls!

Oh yeah, if the Astros had hit a grand slam in the 6th inning, we would have won $25,000.... a long shot, but it got us REALLY invested in that inning, and they actually got quite a few hits. (Check out the jumbo tron)