Wednesday, March 30, 2011


While Nate's fam was in town, we all took a trip to the zoo. The weather was perfect and we had our personal photographer (My sis-in-law, Rayanna) with us to capture every moment :) We got to watch them bathe the elephants and then turn them loose into their enclosure where the baby immediately found a big mound of dirt and rolled around in it.... I feel that mama's pain.

It's so fun to have both kids be old enough to get something out of the zoo :)

Micah always finds a way to help out :)

And we reward him for it by giving him upside down time.... look how white that belly is!

If your kids misbehave, you can always threaten to feed them to the lions :)

Lizzie would like to present to you the inspiration for her outfit~

Micah makes the best faces :)

What can you do when you've been swallowed by a hippo?


Micah ADORES petting zoos and always seems to find the least friendly animal so that he can follow it around and MAKE it love him :)

Micah is checking out the prairie dog and Lizzie is trying to bust out of there.

It was a great day with very few break downs, great weather and small crowds... I need to go back again before it gets unreasonably hot up in here.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Their Bonnets Were Blue

Here is a universal truth... If you take pictures of your kids in bluebonnets on Saturday, you will be getting questions from grandparents by Sunday as to why the pictures aren't posted yet :P Well, here they are peeps :)

Lizzie's bow was the unfortunate victim of... well, Lizzie. That child will not leave a hair accessory alone.

Lizzie decided to start giving kisses during our photo session~

...and hugs :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

My Fave

The same trip to Goodwill that led to Lizzie's 4th of July shirt also helped me find this little beauty~ That became this piece of gorgeousness~

I love it, I love it, I LOOOOOOOVE it!! Seriously love it. In fact, you'll be seeing it in quite a few posts coming up because I can't stop putting it on her. I'll admit, it isn't the best shirt for a toddler... she keeps untying the bow and moving the bow around so it isn't to the side.... I don't care, I love it anyway :)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft it Forward~ Number 2

The second person on my craft it forward list for this year is my friend Christy. Christy has two sweet little girls close to Micah and Lizzie's ages and I wanted to make something for her that would be fun for the sisters. I'm 100% happy with Sam's dress, but I'm afraid Joey's ended up a bit big for her.... but hey, I'm new at this and just starting to learn when to ignore a pattern and follow my own intuition :)

Sam's dress~

I'm not sure who I am going to do next... I'm waiting for inspiration to hit ;-)


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Nothing says Abby quite like doing things WAY earlier than necessary. With that spirit in mind, I recently bought a little boys dress shirt at Goodwill and turned it into a 4th of July shirt for Lizzie~

My favorite little touch was switching out the boyish buttons for these that I found at Hobby Lobby~

Elizabeth is ready for her close up!! In three and a half months, that is :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pardon the Interruption

My inlaws were in town and blogging hit the back burner for a couple of days :) Anyhoo, I have PLENTY to catch you guys up on including lots of crafting and some considerable cuteness on the part of the kiddos. I'll start with a new friend that Micah made on St. Patricks Day......

He's cute, right? I found a free leprechaun printable through a blog that I read and thought that Micah might appreciate a bit of green fun in his life :)

Hmmm, he doesn't look too excited there...

Ahh, that's better! Micah had a blast dressing up his little green buddy, and when Micah is having a good time, that's about all it takes to get Lizzie the Boo into a good mood as well~


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look at me, I'm a cowboy.. howdy howdy howdy :)

In honor of the rodeo, Micah's teachers sent home a paper cowboy for us to decorate together that would be displayed on the bulletin board in his classroom. He LOVED decorating it with me and was excited to show it off for the camera~

Then he wanted to make the cowboy walk all around the table... and the floor... and the wall :)

Micah is such a cool little dude :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last Thursday, we spent the whole day at the Rodeo and it was awesome! The weather was probably the best we've ever had.. it was just a gorgeous day!

Micah was entirely too invested in the Mutton Bustin to pay any attention to the camera~

Lizzie enjoyed an elevated perch for the morning, courtesy of Pa~

Micah showing off his egg to the chickens~

I love the faces that he makes when he is concentrating :)

"Daddy, THIS is how you pet the animals!"

This one just makes me laugh~

Micah was very into the baby chicks.... can you tell?

Gotta keep an eye on Memaw at ALL times~

A family shot!

Lizzie was ready to get her rodeo on!