Sunday, September 30, 2012

9 Months Old

Baby girl is 9 months old today! Janie is definitely a sweet little girl and is a joy to be around..... even if that wasn't the case with this photo shoot :P Jane is usually happy to a fault and I think she must have known that I only had one chance to get these pictures and decided to teach me a lesson about procrastinating. Here she is informing us that we're nuts if we think she is going to lay down and smile at the camera when she could be touring the house at breakneck crawling speed....

Here is the split second she did lay for me, but she's not wanting to ham it up...

Ooooooh, Mama... did you know there is a HANDLE on the china hutch?!!

Here she is telling us exactly what she thinks of being moved from the handle back to the calendar....

And here is what you do while spending time trying to calm the baby back down...

Anyhoo, Janie has become an expert crawler in the past month and is now pulling up to stand and even started cruising a bit yesterday. Jane is still really easy going which is a huge help. Since learning how to crawl, we've also learned how independent she is... she will take herself to the play room and entertain herself for a good stretch of time. Sooo, back to my couldn't-care-less-about-taking-pictures baby...

This was so contrary to her normal, smiley self that I was very frustrated. But hey, with babies/toddlers and pictures you just sort of get what you get....

This one makes me laugh~

A smile!! Too bad she won't look at the camera....

Oh well, I'll take it!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can't Stand It

Something about this picture makes her look so much older to me... pulling out the toy basket, peering in and reaching for the one she wants, it broke my heart a little bit when I turned the corner and saw her... she's growing up too fast. (she's pulling up to standing now too... my baby is getting big.)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Micah's First Game

Micah's first soccer game was last Saturday and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth in entertainment value already :) Micah was accidentally put on a 3 yr old team and it was a nightmare trying to get him switched to a 4 yr old team. Then I thought about it....he's barely 4 and this was actually a better fit for him, especially since he's never played before.

Micah started out very excited and right in the thick of the action~

Then he got shoved or pulled on and this happened~

Then this.....

and finally this....

Kids coming out of the game upset was a common occurrence for the 3 yr old teams and it made subbing a no-brainer.... Take out the kid who is crying hysterically, send in the kid who seems the least upset or the kid who will actually agree to come in :) Luckily it wasn't long before Micah was heading back in...

Micah's big break away! (Note the other team has forgotten that they too are supposed to pursue the ball)

Micah and Marco scored on the break away and the teams came back to the middle where Micah buddied up to another of his teammates~

Running back after another goal!

The game finished and Micah found out the best part of soccer.... they have snacks!!

I'm glad he liked it so much! I'm also glad I had Skittles on hand to bribe him to go back into the game ;-)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soccer 101

A few weeks back, Micah informed us (out of nowhere and rather emphatically) that he wanted to play soccer. We were all for it and I started looking for a league that night only to find out that I was TOO LATE. Several had already started and others that hadn't started had just shut down registration 2 days earlier.... yuck. So I got on the wait list for soccer at the Y...... Monday they called! Micah was so excited as we headed out to buy everything that he needed before his practice THAT NIGHT... it was a bit last minute for a planner like myself, but it was great to see him so excited :)

Here are a few pictures of him right before he left for practice~

Notice the tongue out in concentration :)

Side note- God is so good! After the severe drought last year, this is our back yard in September after not being watered once the entire summer.... What a blessing the rain has been this year!

He was so excited! We can't wait for his first game on Saturday!

Now to convince him to wear his shin guards under his socks ;-) Here is a conversation we had while shopping that I just had to record on the blog for posterity :)

Micah- "I'm gonna put on my soccer shoes and go to the game and I'm going to kick the ball to someone and they're going to kick it to me and then, AND THEN... I'm going to kick it into the goat!
Me- "You mean the goal?"
Micah- "Yeah, the goat."

ok buddy :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Backlog

I had all of these pictures that I was about to post the day that Jane started crawling, and then I wanted to post about her crawling so I skipped these...... yeah, I'm too old to skip over things anymore because I forget to ever go back :P So anyhoo, Jane was a fantastic backwards scooter for a few weeks before she figured out how to crawl and she kept getting stuck under furniture.. luckily she was happy to be stuck :)

yo yo yo, what up homie?

Her Mowgli (from Jungle Book) stance~

A genuine smile....yes!!

LOVE this~

Sweet sibs~


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Ezell Gallery

Does anybody else with small kids accumulate about 53 pieces of fine art EVERY SINGLE WEEK? And Jane isn't even a contributor yet :) Well, as much as I wanted to display at least some of their artwork, the fridge only provided so much space for these frequent masterpieces. Sooooo, I had a large empty space on the playroom wall and I decided to make a gallery for their creations~

Ummmm, I kind of love it :) I also like that it is in the playroom where the kids can see it often.

Have I shown you guys the bench storage system? I love it too :) I have the fabric to make cushions for it but higher priority items have been popping up, so it may be awhile before I get to them.

Yay for getting a project done... it really is the best feeling!


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Soooo I went to pick up Micah from his first day of Pre-K and his teacher says that she has an incident report that I need to sign...... uh oh. They tell you on your first day at Micah's preschool that they will send home an incident report if your kid fights or hits or what have you... they told me this 2 years ago and I've been paranoid that I'll get one at some point. Well, at the beginning of his third year there I found out that his teacher had one for me. I allowed my insane imagination to go crazy as she handed me the paper to sign and explained that it was just an incident of Micah running into something on the playground and getting a short-lived bloody lip....


Ok, I'm way too paranoid. So I signed the paper and drove home and when I pulled out the report after I got home, I read this~

"Injury and how it occurred: Micah ran into the slide equipment and then while running to tell us, ran into the seesaw, both on the right side of his face."

I'm not gonna lie.... I laughed :) I read it to my mom and she laughed. When Nate got home, I read it to him and he laughed. Poor kid.... I'm pretty sure that's the textbook definition of a double whammy :P


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Day of School

Yesterday marked Micah's first day of Pre-K and Lizzie's first day of preschool! They were both SO excited and were very cooperative for early morning pictures :)

This one had me laughing hysterically.. I hope you enjoy it as much as me~

Sweet sibs

Micah- "Mom, how about one of us FACING the tree?!!" Ummmm, ok~

And they're back :)

Beautiful girl :)  But don't tell her.... she'll scowl at you and say, "No, I'm CUTE."

This chica has a crazy amount of facial expressions, and this one cracks me up~

Sweet boy looking a little too grown up for my liking...