Thursday, May 02, 2013

Soccer is back and so am I

Sorry for the hiatus... the past few weeks have been CRAZY. As in, finding out that the constant debilitating pain you've been suffering from was the result of your reproductive organs playing an irreversible game of rag doll inside of you kind of crazy. To properly punish said organs, they must be removed (you have to nip this kind of behavior in the bud, after all) and maybe slapped around a bit. This revelation was followed by two weeks of people expressing their astonishment at a 30 yr old requiring a hysterectomy and then two weeks of doing precisely nothing whilst recovering from surgery. I still have 4 weeks of recovery left, BUT I can now do some things like the all important ability to actually pick up my laptop... aren't you glad? ;-) 

Anyhoo, I'm behind... as I always am these days. But I do have pictures to make up for it! Micah was very happy when soccer started back up a few weeks ago and he was proud to pose before his first game.

Lizzie has been super unhappy that Micah is playing this year and that she is not yet old enough to join a team. The first game she sat on the sidelines and cried the entire time.."I.... want.... to.... play!!!" Poor kid. The good news is that she will be old enough to play in the fall and boy is she ready!! Jane is also practicing her soccer skills... we should be able to market her as a ringer by the time she is old enough to play :)