Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Farewell to Soccer.... for now

I really had no idea what to expect when Micah declared that he wanted to play soccer this year. My suspicion was that it might be difficult to get him to play and he might be easily discouraged. I couldn't be more happy to be wrong!

In our last game of the season on Saturday, we played a really physical team with two boys who routinely pushed, pulled and knocked other kids over (on our team and their own team). Micah got shoved down and skinned up his knee a bit. He was upset for about 20 seconds but then he got this determined look on his face and he was ready to rumble...

Here is his 2nd of 4 or 5 goals (I can't remember precisely)...

Getting his props from Coach Jan after his next goal...

Haha, ok... so this freeze frame looks bad, but here is the deal... Micah got surrounded by two boys from the other team (who weren't even their big pushers) who were elbowing and grabbing him, and he pushed through and got back to the ball. The freeze frame sure does look interesting though :)

You mess with Micah, you get the horns!!

Our post season party at Chick-fil-a.... Micah was so proud of his trophy...which he has already broken. Luckily the coach has extras, so we're going to pick up a replacement and put it on a high shelf :)

First picture = fairly cooperative kiddos

Final picture =

I love that pic :)



Anonymous said...

Really cute...glad he wasn't intimidated by the "big" bullies!

Dad said...

I'm glad I at least had the opportunity to get out to a practice and I love the post.